About Intense Properties

My name is Mark Fuller and I founded Intense Properties in 2006, not long after my wife and I bought our first home. It was a lot more complicated and stressful than what I anticipated which got me thinking “there has to be a better way to the buying and selling process”. And that motivated me to start Intense Properties.

I’m not one of the bigger companies and never wanted to be. When you call us, you will be talking with a real human being that lives here locally! I wanted my company to be all about customer service and personal relationships. And with thousands of transactions under our belt, we have the experience to prove it.

Give us a shot and find out why we are different!



Intense Properties

Mark Fuller founded Intense Properties (Intense Holdings, Inc.) in 2006 after seeing the need for sellers to have a better, quicker, & easier option to sell their home. Mark is able to give you a fair and competitive offer without the hassle or fees of selling with a real estate agent. Since 2006 we have been trusted by thousands of sellers.

Mark’s philosophy is all about providing excellent service to everyone he comes in contact with. If you want to deal with someone that does what he says he’s going to do then call Mark at Intense Properties.

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Help local homeowners in need by offering a quick & competitive home-selling option.
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Highlight the natural beauty of the Dallas Fort Worth area’s residential properties….old and new!

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Contribute to local revitalization efforts by breathing new life into overlooked homes.